Executive Condominiums (ECs) are a class of lodging presented by the Government in 1994 to meet the social yearnings of Singaporeans to live in private homes like One North Gateway price. ECs come furnished with the greater part of the courtesy of their private partners – from pools to safety officers – yet are moderately more reasonable.

So when private lodging prices dropped altogether in the main portion of the 2000s, the Government quit producing ECs.

Just in the final quarter of 2010 were they constructed by and by.

Exactly what are the attractions and disadvantages of purchasing an EC?


Ordinarily viewed as a cross breed sort of lodging as it is limited by certain possession rules administering HDB pads in its initial 10 years. Be that as it may, on the opposite side of the coin, purchasers buying ECs from the engineer, like the acquisition of HDB pads, are qualified for a sort of CPF lodging award. Visit HDB, “CPF Housing Grant for Family EC”, for the subtleties of the award quantum which depends on family unit salary and citizenship status.

In contrast to their HDB cousins, in any case, ECs can’t be financed with a HDB advance. This infers a part (5% of the price tag) of the initial installment must be financed in real money. Be that as it may, since ECs from engineers are typically evaluated at 20-30% beneath private condominiums, this makes it simpler for purchasers to put something aside for it.


All ECs are on 99-year rent, contrasting from private condominiums which come in rent extending from 99-year to freehold.

What’s more, just Singapore residents are qualified to purchase new ECs.

Like HDB pads, ECs have a Minimum Occupation Period of 5 years, during which there is to be no offer of the house, no renting of the whole house, and no acquisition of a private house.

When the 5-year time frame has slipped by, a residual principle directs that ECs must be offered to Singapore residents and Permanent Residents.

ECs that have crossed the 10-year point are raised to undeniable private lodging status and would then be able to be offered to outsiders. These ECs show a littler value differential with private lodging (Square Foot Research, “Leader Condominium”).

Along these lines, in the wake of considering in the CPF lodging awards and moderately lower sticker price, the capital increases to be produced using ECs can be generous on the off chance that you can hang on past the 10-year time frame.

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