Do you love to play video games? Is it true that you are stuck in a day to day existence where you would prefer not to attend a university or work since you simply need to play video games? You can land game tester positions and make a huge amount of money while never busy, yet play video games. This is the ideal arrangement and you can do it with these three simple advances.

To start with, you can’t simply get the classifieds or quest online for game tester jobs. You need to go straightforwardly to the companies that produce and structure the video games and present yourself to them. Ensure you do this in an expert way and ensure you mention to them what your experience is, the way long you play every day, what number of games you at present own, and which comforts you own also.

Second, when you get your first task, and you will, a tester will be given a specific segment of the game to work on and it is important that you have to pay attention to it and have some good times doing it. Peruse the data with the goal that you realize what sort of input they are searching for from you and remember this as you play the game. Likewise, ensure you convey the data they request on schedule or right on time to give them that you are devoted and you need more work.

Last, be tireless and after you are finished gloating to your companions about your first game tester work check you can return to work and accomplish more game tester jobs. You will need to keep on asking the company that gave you your first task for more work and keep on asking different companies also. On the off chance that you can get a few companies to give you work, at that point you will make some full memories work that will pay you well indeed.