Disclosing Mary’s Melody

read Luke 1:39-56

The inquiry: What does Mary’s tune uncover about: (a) the character of God, and (b) His method of working among men? How were these realities exhibited in the way of the Savior’s coming?

Just from the initial not many lines from Mary we can see a few qualities of God. He is acclaimed, commendable, aware of Mary’s modesty, liberal, Holy, leniency giving (for the individuals who dread him), and patient. In the following barely any lines there is a style suggestive of the axioms where both finishes of a specific range are given, alongside their response from God: Brought down/lifted up, filled/sent away unfilled. There are additionally two words that hop off the page as opposed to one another, glad and humble. Of the few unique bearings this section could be examined, these devotionals for men will focus on these last two words, pleased and humble.

Related with the word Proud in this entry:

  1. Dispersed those pleased in their deepest contemplation.
  2. De-throned rulers.
  3. Sent the rich away vacant (of soul food).

Related with the word Humble in this entry:

  1. Aware of lowliness
  2. Prizes lowliness (all countries will call her favored)
  3. Stretches out kindness to the individuals who dread him.
  4. Lifted up.
  5. Filled the eager (profound food).
  6. Show’s kindness.
  7. Stays faithful to his commitment (to Abraham).

It is clear all through the Bible that God offers elegance to the humble, and “wrecks” with the pleased. Think about the lady at the well. Jesus gave her beauty after she considered him to be the Messiah, (John 4). The centurion’s worker: Jesus gave him beauty after the centurion called him “Ruler” (Mat 8)….and perhaps the best case of this differentiation: the criminal on the cross, who subsequent to recognizing Jesus as Messiah, was given God’s elegance (Luke 23).

• Proverbs 15:33 NIV

The dread of the LORD shows a man’s intelligence, and lowliness precedes honor.

• Proverbs 16:5 NIV

The LORD despises all the pleased with heart. Make certain of this: They won’t go unpunished. Mary’s melody is a preview of the outcome of this issue. Am I glad or am I Humble before God? How awful is pride? It is at the foundation of EVERY transgression EVERY individual has EVER constructed…

Is it true that you are pleased or would you say you are unassuming? Better pose yourself this inquiry in light of the fact that:

• Proverbs 16:5 NIV

The LORD disdains all the pleased with heart. Make certain of this: They won’t go unpunished.